Frequently asked questions

Where exactly does my bicycle service take place?

That's a great question! Your bicycle service can take place at any address you choose upon booking. You just need to be sure that your bicycle is accessible for your appointment at the specified address, whether residential or commercial.

Does my home need to be accessible to the technician?

Absolutely not! Our technicians will not need to use your property during your repair. Your bicycle will be serviced curbside in our service vehicle. There is no need to prepare your home, garage or driveway for your bicycle repair.

Do I need to be present at the time of service?

Being present during your bicycle repair is optional, but preferred. If you will not be present, please give full instructions about how the technician can access your bicycle in the Appointment Notes of the booking form. Full payment will be expected upon completion of service, so someone over the age of 18 who is authorized to pay your invoice on your behalf should be present. If this is not possible, your card on file at the time of booking will be used to pay your invoice and all completed repairs will be accepted as final.

Do you service E-Bikes?

Yes we do! Our technicians can perform service on your electric bicycle or trike. Just select the A La Carte option for your appointment and give us an idea of what you are experiencing in the Appointment Notes section. Depending on the issue, a technician may need to call and ask for additional information prior to arrival.

Do you service gas engine bicycles?

We do not service any bicycle with a gas engine.

Why does my appointment sometimes get changed?

Because we service a large area, when appointments are booked, our team assesses the most efficient routes for our technicians. If you live toward the outer areas of our service area, we often group those appointments together. This helps us save on labor and fuel costs which allows us to keep our prices low. We appreciate your flexibility!

Why does my selected appointment day or time sometimes get adjusted?

Since we service such a large area, we often make changes to your day or time in order to group appointments in service areas together to optimize routes and make the most efficient use of our technician's time. Please understand that we try as best we can to honor your requested time, however, changes are often necessary so we can continue to keep our costs in line so we can continue to provide excellent service.